Viera BJJ has separate classes for children, teenagers and adults. Classes begin with a series of warm-up exercises followed by a brief review of previous lessons or the introduction of a new technique. 
     The fundamental elements of each technique are presented and analyzed, including the necessary body mechanics required to make the technique maximally effective. This breakdown and analysis of techniques is a key aspect of learning BJJ. After each instructional class, students are invited to participate in open training, which includes free sparring. The main objective of open training is to learn to apply the techniques in a competitive environment. This leads to increase retention of the techniques land improved technical and physical prowess. This process is physically and mentally challenging while at the same time being fun and rewarding. Most importantly, it gives each student the confidence and ability to apply the techniques in the real world should the situation arise. 
     All sessions are conducted in a controlled and respectful environment with athletes of different ranks. This creates an effective and continuous learning cycle where the higher-ranked athletes pass along their knowledge and experiences to lower-ranked athletes.

Vieira Jiu-Jitsu
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